Monday, November 11, 2013


Thankful Oil on gessoed board 5"x7"
I just finished a wonderful workshop with the fabulous artist and teacher Dreama Tolle Perry. This is the first painting I have done since that workshop. She is a former watercolorist as am I, and her method is to paint the first layer of the painting with transparent oils. Yes, there are transparent oils. Then, withoust waiting for the first layer to dry, you start right in with your regular paints-some opaque, semi-opaque, or even transparent. It's a really fun way to paint. As a vegetarian I look forward to Pumpkin Pie as my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. My daughter, Lauri Norman, makes a delicious Pumpkin Chiffon PIe and of course we have it with plenty of real whipped cream! You can email me for the recipe!